What’s the point?

So… how did all of this come about?

Honestly, I wanted to start collecting and tracking information on my hair care for my own use and thought maybe some other folks out there might be interested… you know us curly naturals tend to have obsessions with (other people’s) hair.  I’m a Curly Nikki reader, Curl Mart buyer, BGLH visitor, and KimmayTube watcher.  I may have run into some of you out in the online hair-universe… so I guess here’s another meeting space.

I was a participant in the Kim Coles Growout Challenge back in 2011.  During that time, I was actively engaged in caring for my hair and afterwards, I fell off the wagon. Hard.  And I wanted to get back to that level of care for my hair.  I will be using this site to track my growth and setbacks, loves and hates, successes and failures.  All in reference to my hair.  And all on a pretty daily basis (typing it here will hold me accountable, right?).

That’s pretty straightforward, right?  And if all else fails, here’s a quick recap on what you’ll find me posting about (and not posting about).

I appreciate you reading this post or any other to come.  I don’t consider myself very interesting, so I’m flattered to have held your attention for any amount of time. 🙂 


Say what??

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All hair. All the time.

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