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Day 49 – The Daily

Well, here’s today’s twistout (sorry the pictures are so bad).  It turned out okay, I guess.  Nothing to write home about.  *shrug*

Day 49




Day 42 – The Daily

Well well well.  Look at who was feeling special and decided to style her hair.

Day 42 Daily

Considering my styling limitations, this was a simple twistout from 10 sorta-chunky twists.  Not too complicated, not too fancy.  Of course, styling works out better when hair is detangled and smoothed and that resulted in a ridiculous collection of shed hair after styling.  I never really apply any particular method to twistouts – the twists are set however they get set.  I haven’t mastered placement or fluffing or shape… probably never will.  *shrug*  And of course, the definition of the taken down twists decreases as the day goes on.  When I come home, it definitely looks different than when I left.  I also don’t really maximize the style by setting the ends of the twists – I should wrap them around rollers or something to help them look less scraggly.  :\

Day 42 styling