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Day 36 – Bad Habits

So I’ve made posts about some good hair habits that I actually keep, but I can’t pretend that I don’t have bad hair habits, too.  So I’m gonna own the goods and the bads and come clean about them.

This post comes to you courtesy of the fact that yesterday’s wash day rundown didn’t include a number of steps that usually come at the end of wash day.  You know why they were missing?  Because I didn’t do them because I was tired and decided I would pick up where I left off in the morning.  smh.  So I lazily wrapped my hair up in a scarf and carried my lazy stupid self to bed.  The nightmare started when I woke up.

Day 36 Bad Habit

As you can see, my shrinkage is realer than real.  That’s always been the case so no big deal.  But the tangles.  Oh dear lordt, the tangles.  Like… I don’t know WHAT I was thinking.  For realsies.

So I spent most of the morning undoing the mess that my laziness caused – remoisturizing and detangling all over again like I hadn’t done it less than 12 hours prior.

So the lesson here is one that I already knew (which is why I’m annoyed  – I know better than this mess): letting my hair dry in an unstretched state is never a good idea.  Not for me.  And that’s why a wash & go is really NEVER a styling option on this head.  Nope.