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Style Inspiration

So I was all up in that river in Egypt when I thought I was gonna successfully try this.  It looked easy enough.  The actual attempt was some ol’ other stuff though.

from hairscapades.com


I don’t know if it was the hair that I bought or whatever, but it was so stiff that it didn’t even look close to passing.  It didn’t look all full and fancy like Shelli’s nearly-perfect result picture.  Mine looked frail and feeble.  lol.  I tried it like three times before I gave up and put the hair back in its bag.  Maybe I’ll reattempt this other style now that I have some extension hair.  *shrug*

Day 79 Style Attempt


Style Inspiration

You saw Day 58’s PM shed, right?  That was because when I got home from work, I watched the YouTube video below and was somehow tempted to try some variation of it (I don’t have nary a bit of extension hair in my possession… I don’t know what I was thinking).


So after parting and twisting and wrapping and such, I didn’t like any of the final products enough to wear them. (duh.  lol)  But because of the extra manipulation, I think I forced that extra shed from last night.   :\