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New Cleansing Products!

So I talked about how I forgot/neglected to buy a new hair cleanser for wash day.  And you can see on the last wash day pictorial that there was no cleansing product there either.  #fail    So I got myself to Sally because there was a sale on As I Am products and I was all like “this would be a great time to try the Coconut CoWash that everybody seems to love.”   I get to Sally and there is none left.  Wack.

Day 44 Purchases

BUT!  There was a BOGO sale on some other natural hair products… and I’ve never been a gal to walk away from a good BOGO.  So I picked up some Curls Creamy Curl Cleanser and Taliah Waajid Herbal Hair Wash.  *shrug*  I’ll be using them over the next couple of months probably – two different cleansers will last me a while.  And since I’m giving up amassing products, I won’t be buying anything new until these are gone.





No Love for Shampoo

So in recapping my most recent wash day, I found myself turning my nose up at having to type “Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo.” I really don’t like that shampoo. I wanted to like it. Really I did. But I didn’t feel like it did anything close to moisturizing my hair – which is why I mix it with a cheapie conditioner when I do use it. (More on why I’m continuing to use it later)

I haven’t really found a shampoo that I like at all. I’ve tried several different kinds and haven’t really loved any of them: Aubrey, Giovanni, Deva, Carol’s Daughter. I guess I’ve had the best experiences with Oyin Honey Wash and a BoBeam bar that I bought on sale (and on a whim) from Curl Mart. But I really would love to have a shampoo that I swear by.

This practice started with my clothes and shoes… and then I took a look at my under-sink cabinet and realized it needed to be applied there, too. AND in the shower – where there were like 4 different bottles of conditioner just hanging out and taking up space. I bought that Aubrey shampoo during the KCGOC. In 2011. *blink* Mmm hmmm. So… I’ll be mixing it with some conditioner until it’s gone. Period. (It’s actually almost empty… it may be gone by the end of the month.)