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Real Time Post – A Bit of Side-Eye

I talked on the Around these parts page about how the chronicles of my hair care here aren’t done “real time.”  Meaning any posts about my hair today, February 14, 2015, aren’t actually about my hair today, February 14, 2015.  Like I’m currently writing this post with a head full of henna, but I won’t actually be posting about today’s henna/wash experience until later.  Hopefully that doesn’t seem too complicated… but my flux capacitor is broken so I don’t know how else to explain it.  😉

But I’m posting “real time” today because I’m frustrated.  It’s about Dove’s new campaign… and of course, the launch of a corresponding product line.  I guess I’m annoyed by the repeated attempts to market a mass product line aimed at curly and kinky and coily hair but the products are still pretty subpar in the nutrient and nourishment department – sulfates, cones, parabens, alcohols, etc.  And some people don’t mind those ingredients, but my question is: what makes this “curly” line any different than any other line that Dove already has out?  Pantene falls into this same category – the Curls line… the Relaxed & Natural line.  I mean, they’re changing the packaging and the target audience, but are the products really any different than what’s on the shelf next to them by the same brand?  I say no.

Is it great that Dove’s campaign is promoting embracing one’s natural hair texture?  ABSOLUTELY.  Is it great that the discussion about curly hair is in every mass-brand’s mouth at this level?  Sure.  These major brands have to get in gear to try to cater to the consumer… so I get it.  Like Lisa Price said earlier this week – if you don’t “play in that area, it’s just not a good business decision.” But I mean, if you’re gonna try to cater to the consumer, but sell said consumer potato chips in caviar packaging, why even bother?  Don’t just push the same ol’ stuff that you always do and tell me “oh, this is special just for you.”  #side-eye

Okay,  I think I’m done now.  I’m getting off my no-sulfate-soapbox.  And for the record, I am no ingredient snob or whatever and I support people using whatever they want in THEIR hair.  Do you, boo.

This rant comes to you courtesy of:

  • The fact that I couldn’t find a cone-fee cheapie conditioner today that I could use to rinse out my henna.  I guess “cheapie” and “cone-free” don’t go together.
  • The fact that Dove’s new line was on sale at Walgreens when I went in there today.  I picked up the bottle, turned it around, read the ingredients, rolled my eyes, and then put it back down.
  • The fact that Dove’s new line is the giveaway in Naturally Curly’s 28 Day of Giveaways contest.  I did not enter today.