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Day 42 – The Daily

Well well well.  Look at who was feeling special and decided to style her hair.

Day 42 Daily

Considering my styling limitations, this was a simple twistout from 10 sorta-chunky twists.  Not too complicated, not too fancy.  Of course, styling works out better when hair is detangled and smoothed and that resulted in a ridiculous collection of shed hair after styling.  I never really apply any particular method to twistouts – the twists are set however they get set.  I haven’t mastered placement or fluffing or shape… probably never will.  *shrug*  And of course, the definition of the taken down twists decreases as the day goes on.  When I come home, it definitely looks different than when I left.  I also don’t really maximize the style by setting the ends of the twists – I should wrap them around rollers or something to help them look less scraggly.  :\

Day 42 styling


Month 1 – Length Check

As I mentioned, I hate doing length checks.  I understand their purpose and relevance, but I dislike doing them for the same reason I dislike weighing myself – sometimes the results can have a discouraging effect.   Plus, the pictures are hella hard to take.  But… if you wanna go somewhere, you gotta know where you are first.  So yeah.  I get it.  But I’m not making any promises on when the next one will be.

I refused to purchase a length check shirt when I had a kazillion white tanks that I wasn’t using/wearing regularly.  So I made my own with my own corresponding body measurements – I have a short torso and wide hips, so I figured it would be better to just use my own clothing.

When I do a length check, I measure where my hair naturally falls and then I pull it taut to see how far it reaches down my back.  I don’t usually measure where it falls in the front, but I threw a sorta front measure shot in for kicks.  That’s the best I can do.  *shrug*

Day 32 Length Check