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Shed Obsessing v.2

After taking some time to review the most recent shed graph,  and digesting the info as I said I would, here is my whining are my concerns…

  • I’m still shedding more in the morning than at night…  AND most frequently in the morning.
  • I seem to be shedding more during this period than the last 30-day period.
  • two my highest sheds were on the SAME day.  Boo.  And this time, I can’t blame them on failed styling attempts.  So I guess that theory goes out of the window.
  • Also out that window is the appearance that my shed was higher after wash day and decreased during the week – during this period, shed level seemed to stay about the same all week long.
  • BUT!!!  One theory that has survived… there still seems to be less daily shedding during the week after the protein treatment.  I think we may have a trend!  #nerdalert

I’m really bummed about the overall increase… but I’ll wait to see if it’s something that continues to get worse or whether it’s inconsistent trendwise.


Grow Out Diaries

Did anybody watch the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale brand launch series (done in conjunction with Naturally Curly)?

When this was unfolding online, I was all wrapped up and excited about it because I felt like I identified with it in so many ways.  First and foremost, the idea of committing to a single product line was always intriguing to me.  I’d love to find a full product line that I love, but, to date, that’s not the reality.  There are several Darcy’s Botanicals products that I use, but I’d still put myself into the
“cocktailer” category in that I mix and match certain products to create a concoction that I like.

Of the participants in this experiment, Lauren was the one with whom I identified most.  Her hair length and texture appeared to be closest to mine and many of the experiences that she described were similar to my own:

  • She talked about being in a constant “learning” phase with regard to her hair… still trying to figure out exactly what works best even after years of being natural.  That’s totally me.
  • She talked about trying to stick to a regimen and being disciplined instead of being short-term loyal to five million products at a time.  That’s totally me (but I’m trying to stop).
  • She talked about how maintaining her hair’s moisture and how her hair’s health was really important to her.  Totally me.  That’s really the reason for this blog in the first place for me.
  • She talked about detangling woes and how finger detangling is cool, but a wide-tooth comb still gives her tangled hair all the love.  That is so absolutely me.
  • She had braces.  I wore braces from 2010 until 2012.  So yeah.

Of course there are other similarities that anyone can probably identify with, but I just felt a certain congruence.

That all said, I *still* am working toward defining and perfecting a dedicated regimen.  *sigh*  I have yet to unlock the regimen secrets for my hair.  But I feel like this blog will play a major role in figuring it out.  Another similarity between my experience and Lauren’s – the dairying does add a certain level of dedication and accountability.  Much in the way that the KCGOC had me behaving really well when it came to hair care, I am expecting (and sincerely hoping) that blogging here will do the same.

Day 62 – The Oops

Totally forgot to do a hotd photo today. I was running late this morning and never got around to it. I realized when I wrapped my hair up for bed. Oops.

Here was my shed from this morning though.

Day 62 shed


So CurlMart had a free shipping sale going on… and I was like “yay!” because I’m running low on my staples Darcy’s products and figured this would be a great opportunity to re-up.  Plus I am in desperate need of a new Hair Therapy Wrap.  (well… just the gel packs, not an actually bonnet)

How about they’re sold out of my Darcy’s products.  WACK!!!

*sigh*  I don’t know why this keeps happening to me.


Real Time Post – A Bit of Side-Eye

I talked on the Around these parts page about how the chronicles of my hair care here aren’t done “real time.”  Meaning any posts about my hair today, February 14, 2015, aren’t actually about my hair today, February 14, 2015.  Like I’m currently writing this post with a head full of henna, but I won’t actually be posting about today’s henna/wash experience until later.  Hopefully that doesn’t seem too complicated… but my flux capacitor is broken so I don’t know how else to explain it.  😉

But I’m posting “real time” today because I’m frustrated.  It’s about Dove’s new campaign… and of course, the launch of a corresponding product line.  I guess I’m annoyed by the repeated attempts to market a mass product line aimed at curly and kinky and coily hair but the products are still pretty subpar in the nutrient and nourishment department – sulfates, cones, parabens, alcohols, etc.  And some people don’t mind those ingredients, but my question is: what makes this “curly” line any different than any other line that Dove already has out?  Pantene falls into this same category – the Curls line… the Relaxed & Natural line.  I mean, they’re changing the packaging and the target audience, but are the products really any different than what’s on the shelf next to them by the same brand?  I say no.

Is it great that Dove’s campaign is promoting embracing one’s natural hair texture?  ABSOLUTELY.  Is it great that the discussion about curly hair is in every mass-brand’s mouth at this level?  Sure.  These major brands have to get in gear to try to cater to the consumer… so I get it.  Like Lisa Price said earlier this week – if you don’t “play in that area, it’s just not a good business decision.” But I mean, if you’re gonna try to cater to the consumer, but sell said consumer potato chips in caviar packaging, why even bother?  Don’t just push the same ol’ stuff that you always do and tell me “oh, this is special just for you.”  #side-eye

Okay,  I think I’m done now.  I’m getting off my no-sulfate-soapbox.  And for the record, I am no ingredient snob or whatever and I support people using whatever they want in THEIR hair.  Do you, boo.

This rant comes to you courtesy of:

  • The fact that I couldn’t find a cone-fee cheapie conditioner today that I could use to rinse out my henna.  I guess “cheapie” and “cone-free” don’t go together.
  • The fact that Dove’s new line was on sale at Walgreens when I went in there today.  I picked up the bottle, turned it around, read the ingredients, rolled my eyes, and then put it back down.
  • The fact that Dove’s new line is the giveaway in Naturally Curly’s 28 Day of Giveaways contest.  I did not enter today.


Shed Obsessing

So I’m all about research and data and all like that.  #suchanerd   But I’m wondering if tracking my shedding so “analytically” was a smart idea.  It does allow me to see if there are any patterns or whatever in my shedding… but what if there IS no pattern.  Maybe my hair just does what it does and sheds what it sheds and that’s really it.  *shrug*

Anyway.  I was looking at that 30-day shed graph,  and trying to glean any type of correlation to my shedding patterns.  Here are the few observations and conclusions I’ve come to:

  • I shed more in the morning than throughout the day… but not really by much
  • my highest sheds (Days 13 and 21) were post-styling attempts or days when my hair wasn’t bunned.  I guess there’s one point for the effects of HIH syndrome.  Hair manipulation definitely causes the sheds (or so says the data).
  • my shedding *seems* to be higher after wash day and seems to decrease as the week progresses (barring manipulation as mentioned above)
  • check out how my daily shedding was less during the week after the protein treatment… mmmm hmmm… that one is definitely one to keep watch after

So yeah.  I still think it’s weird to obsess over shed hair, but at the same time, it really does give me a good idea of what MY regular shedding is and then (if it should ever come to pass) I’ll have a clear understanding of when it decreases/increases and when I should be alarmed.

Day 36 – Bad Habits

So I’ve made posts about some good hair habits that I actually keep, but I can’t pretend that I don’t have bad hair habits, too.  So I’m gonna own the goods and the bads and come clean about them.

This post comes to you courtesy of the fact that yesterday’s wash day rundown didn’t include a number of steps that usually come at the end of wash day.  You know why they were missing?  Because I didn’t do them because I was tired and decided I would pick up where I left off in the morning.  smh.  So I lazily wrapped my hair up in a scarf and carried my lazy stupid self to bed.  The nightmare started when I woke up.

Day 36 Bad Habit

As you can see, my shrinkage is realer than real.  That’s always been the case so no big deal.  But the tangles.  Oh dear lordt, the tangles.  Like… I don’t know WHAT I was thinking.  For realsies.

So I spent most of the morning undoing the mess that my laziness caused – remoisturizing and detangling all over again like I hadn’t done it less than 12 hours prior.

So the lesson here is one that I already knew (which is why I’m annoyed  – I know better than this mess): letting my hair dry in an unstretched state is never a good idea.  Not for me.  And that’s why a wash & go is really NEVER a styling option on this head.  Nope.


Buns and Me

Throughout my natural hair “career,” I’ve always had challenges with styling my hair.  I spent most of my life wearing my hair straight… or trying to get it to lay as straight as possible, so I just haven’t had the same length of time to figure out my curls.  I haven’t been wearing my natural curls regularly for 10 years yet… but I wore my hair straight for nearly 20 years.  So anyways.  About these buns…

I had been pulling my hair back regularly for the past few years because it was was the easiest option for a curly novice.  Usually, it was just in a wild, curly pony and it wasn’t until the KCGOC in 2011 that I was exposed to creative styling with buns.  Many of the participants were protecting their hair and ensuring health by using bunning as a protective style.  And then I saw this tutorial that Shelli posted (then on her growout blog) and I went a little bit overboard.  It became my new way to feel like I wasn’t doing the same style over and over.  lol.  #indenial

from hairscapades.com
from hairscapades.com  (HEY! that’s me!)


The bun has been my go-to hairstyle pretty much since that time.  Yup.  I’ve been bunning most of the time for the past 4 years (no comments about why my hair is not full body length at this point… lol).  It’s one of those things that has been associated with me at work.   It’s just how I wear my hair.  Unfortunately, that means that when/if I ever change my hair up, a big deal is made.  Which is more motivation to never wear it differently.  hahaha