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Wash Day Shed Analysis

So I know that we’re in the seventies on number of days with regard to my progress and everything.  But when I posted the last wash day shed, I realized that I’ve been getting all analytic with daily sheds, but haven’t been paying attention to or applying that same logic to my shedding on wash day… when my shed is more ridiculous than ever.

So… here’s another nerdy pictograph showing the size of my shed balls from Wash Day 1 through Wash Day 51.   This is where that penny in the photos comes in handy.  Because the penny remains the same size, I was able to keep the proportions the same in relation to the shed ball.  And that’s what you see below – the change in size of my shed balls in relation to the constant size of the penny.

Washball Pictograph



I suppose that can be a little bit scary to look at, but understand that’s an inflated size for the sake of better pictorial representation.  So here’s a friendly, harmless graph that’s a little less intimidating (or maybe it’s just for my own benefit… *shrug*):


Washball Graph

Regardless of which nerdy representation you prefer, you can’t deny THAT progress.  For real.  It may not be a constant decrease, but Day 1 to Day 51?  Huge improvement.


Shed Obsessing v.2

After taking some time to review the most recent shed graph,  and digesting the info as I said I would, here is my whining are my concerns…

  • I’m still shedding more in the morning than at night…  AND most frequently in the morning.
  • I seem to be shedding more during this period than the last 30-day period.
  • two my highest sheds were on the SAME day.  Boo.  And this time, I can’t blame them on failed styling attempts.  So I guess that theory goes out of the window.
  • Also out that window is the appearance that my shed was higher after wash day and decreased during the week – during this period, shed level seemed to stay about the same all week long.
  • BUT!!!  One theory that has survived… there still seems to be less daily shedding during the week after the protein treatment.  I think we may have a trend!  #nerdalert

I’m really bummed about the overall increase… but I’ll wait to see if it’s something that continues to get worse or whether it’s inconsistent trendwise.

60-day Shed Analysis

30-day Shed Analysis 2

So let’s see what the numbers say this time…

  • Average shed for the month: 2.0     (increase of 0.3)
  • Average AM shed: 2.4     (increase of 0.8)
  • Average PM shed: 1.7     (increase of 0.1)
  • Average post wash day shed:  2.0     (decrease of 0.4)
  • Level 1 sheds: 5     (decrease of 3)
  • Level 2 sheds: 10     (decrease of 2)
  • Level 3 sheds: 23     (increase of 8… good lordt)
  • Level 4 sheds: 3     (increase of 1)
  • Once daily sheds: 9     (decrease of 2)
  • Twice daily sheds: 16     (increase of 3)
  • Completely shedless days*: 1     (again)

I’m gonna allow my nerdself to digest all of this for a minute.

* still not exactly sure how relevant this number is, but it’s sorta weird (to me) that it stayed the same.

Shed Obsessing

So I’m all about research and data and all like that.  #suchanerd   But I’m wondering if tracking my shedding so “analytically” was a smart idea.  It does allow me to see if there are any patterns or whatever in my shedding… but what if there IS no pattern.  Maybe my hair just does what it does and sheds what it sheds and that’s really it.  *shrug*

Anyway.  I was looking at that 30-day shed graph,  and trying to glean any type of correlation to my shedding patterns.  Here are the few observations and conclusions I’ve come to:

  • I shed more in the morning than throughout the day… but not really by much
  • my highest sheds (Days 13 and 21) were post-styling attempts or days when my hair wasn’t bunned.  I guess there’s one point for the effects of HIH syndrome.  Hair manipulation definitely causes the sheds (or so says the data).
  • my shedding *seems* to be higher after wash day and seems to decrease as the week progresses (barring manipulation as mentioned above)
  • check out how my daily shedding was less during the week after the protein treatment… mmmm hmmm… that one is definitely one to keep watch after

So yeah.  I still think it’s weird to obsess over shed hair, but at the same time, it really does give me a good idea of what MY regular shedding is and then (if it should ever come to pass) I’ll have a clear understanding of when it decreases/increases and when I should be alarmed.

30-day Shed Analysis

Yup. This is how much of a nerd I am.

I started tracking my AM and PM sheds on Day 3… so this doesn’t account for a full 30 days, but I figured this would be a good time to start the graphing.  I rated the sheds on a scale of 1 to 4 – level 1 representing just 1-2 shed strands and level 4 representing what I consider “excessive,” but not quite wash-day shed level (there is, of course, room for inconsistency here, but this is where we’ll start and make improvements and adjustments as we go along).

  • Average shed for the month: 1.7
  • Average AM shed: 1.8
  • Average PM shed: 1.6
  • Average post wash day shed:  2.4  (interesting…)
  • Level 1 sheds: 8
  • Level 2 sheds: 12
  • Level 3 sheds: 15
  • Level 4 sheds: 2
  • Once daily sheds: 11
  • Twice daily sheds: 13
  • Completely shedless days*: 1

While this data collection will likely only get more interesting, I think it’s a really good base point for tracking improvements and/or relapses.

* not sure how relevant this is… because that could just mean that I didn’t touch my hair all day and kept it wrapped up. Is that really something that should be tracked?  *shrug*

Month 1 – Length Check

As I mentioned, I hate doing length checks.  I understand their purpose and relevance, but I dislike doing them for the same reason I dislike weighing myself – sometimes the results can have a discouraging effect.   Plus, the pictures are hella hard to take.  But… if you wanna go somewhere, you gotta know where you are first.  So yeah.  I get it.  But I’m not making any promises on when the next one will be.

I refused to purchase a length check shirt when I had a kazillion white tanks that I wasn’t using/wearing regularly.  So I made my own with my own corresponding body measurements – I have a short torso and wide hips, so I figured it would be better to just use my own clothing.

When I do a length check, I measure where my hair naturally falls and then I pull it taut to see how far it reaches down my back.  I don’t usually measure where it falls in the front, but I threw a sorta front measure shot in for kicks.  That’s the best I can do.  *shrug*

Day 32 Length Check