Day 3 – Shed

Well.  The non-shed period appears to be short-lived.  Here was my shed at the end of the night before I wrapped up my hair for bed.

Day 3 shed


Day 2 – Expecting Shedding

I read an article recently that talked a bit about how it’s one thing to accept the fact that shedding is a normal occurrence in hair growth and maintenance, but another to assume excessive shedding is something that we shouldn’t work to minimize.

I’ve always hated shedding hair – in any form. I hate seeing it in the sink. I hate seeing it collect on the floor. I hate seeing it on my clothes. I hate seeing it on the shower floor on wash day. I hate seeing it in my brush. But I’m also guilty of looking at it and dismissing it as the norm rather than perhaps the symptom of a bigger problem. I’m actually NOT one of those curlies that goes searching for a bulb on the end of a strand… so my shed hair could be mostly breakage. Or not. *shrug* I don’t know. I can’t say that I really care to start inspecting each strand that closely, but I plan to start documenting my shed hair. Daily (when applicable). I wear my hair to work in a bun pretty much every day – that’s not so much active protective styling as much as it’s being really terrible at styling my hair. The fact that low manipulation styles and tucked ends habits are good for my hair is really just a bonus. I’ll take it.

My normal practice is to bun my hair up in the morning and then take it down when I get home. I usually sleep with my hair in varying numbers of twists to keep it stretched. So I basically manipulate my hair twice a day – and that’s when I’ll encounter whatever shedding my hair wants to show. There actually was none today though… which is actually odd considering I just washed it yesterday.

Day 1 – Wash Day

When I decided to start this process, I figured a great place to start was on wash day. Healthy hair starts on wash day, right? My goal was to get back to a consistent washing and conditioning regimen as a means of getting my hair its groove back. I feel like it was thriving back in 2011 when I was participating in the Kim Coles Grow Out Challenge and then I got lazy and busy (mostly busy, I swear) and let consistency fall away. A few months ago, I felt like I was seeing more breakage and split ends than I was comfortable with and decided it was time to get back on track. In a real way.

So I planned to approach that by putting a serious, meticulously planned regimen in place.  But… as with any great experiment, you need to know your starting point so that you can gauge changes – be they improvements or relapses. (My nerd is showing now.)

So, wash day today was just the ho-hum wash day regimen that I’ve been employing for the past year or so. Nothing particularly special.

Day 1 Wash Day

But this wash day would be where the documentation begins. That documentation starts with the wash-day shed ball. From beginning to end of the wash day process, this is my shed ball.

Day 1

Additionally, I decided that I was going to start combating against breakage by introducing protein treatments into my regimen. I had never done them before, but all of my trusted hair advisors (aka hair blogs) sing the praises of protein and stress the importance of its presence in a well-rounded regimen. And I’m all about that. So… next wash day, I will be delving into the world of protein treatments.

What’s the point of all this anyway?

So… how did all of this come about?

Honestly, I wanted to start collecting and tracking information on my hair care for my own use and thought maybe some other folks out there might be interested… you know us curly naturals tend to have obsessions with (other people’s) hair.  I’m a Curly Nikki reader, Curl Mart buyer, BGLH visitor, and KimmayTube watcher.  I may have run into some of you out in the online hair-universe… so I guess here’s another meeting space.

I was a participant in the Kim Coles Growout Challenge back in 2011.  During that time, I was actively engaged in caring for my hair and afterwards, I fell off the wagon. Hard.  And I wanted to get back to that level of care for my hair.  I will be using this site to track my growth and setbacks, loves and hates, successes and failures.  All in reference to my hair.  And all on a pretty daily basis (typing it here will hold me accountable, right?).

That’s pretty straightforward, right?  And if all else fails, here’s a quick recap on what you’ll find me posting about (and not posting about).

I appreciate you reading this post or any other to come.  I don’t consider myself very interesting, so I’m flattered to have held your attention for any amount of time. 🙂

All hair. All the time.