Around these parts…

What you’ll find around here:

  • hair pics
  • wash day recaps
  • length checks (occasionally… I hate doing them)
  • hair analysis
  • product reviews (on occasion)
  • my ramblings about hair… mine and other people’s

What you won’t find around here:

  • hella selfies (I rarely take pics of myself)
  • hair tutorials (I’m horrible at styling my hair… you don’t need or want MY help)
  • makeup tutorials (Ha!  I can’t even put on eyeliner right)
  • outfit of the day pics (my wardrobe isn’t exciting)
  • links to my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts (this is hard enough)

You should also know that the posts aren’t written “real time” – so while Day 1 was published on January 1, 2015, the information posted is not from that date.


Say what??

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All hair. All the time.

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