re: my curl pattern

Since I wear my hair stretched most of the time, I realized that I’ve never really shown or discussed my natural curl pattern (other than glazing over it in the About section).  I have a few pictures that may clarify below.

Day 79 PatternGrid

Starting from the top left and going clockwise:

  1. You can see from the strand shown that my curls are tight and spiraly… or coily… or whatever.  I don’t know.  That photo was taken during Day 71 Wash Day.
  2. From the same day, this is a another shot of wash day hair – naked and without any conditioning product (after cleansing).  You can also see that the curl pattern isn’t completely uniform on my entire scalp.  It varies between the nape and the crown and my edges.
  3. Freshly washed hair after detangling and deep conditioning with heat. You can see that once my hair is detangled, the deep conditioner definitely puts a certain “coating” on my curls and makes them clump together and look uniform.  (This photo was previously featured in another post and was taken on Day 35)
  4. This was taken on Day 57 after cleansing, conditioning, and detangling, but BEFORE deep conditioning with heat.  Huge difference from picture 3, right?  There’s some science there… I just don’t know what it is.

Say what??

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