Wash Day Shed Analysis

So I know that we’re in the seventies on number of days with regard to my progress and everything.  But when I posted the last wash day shed, I realized that I’ve been getting all analytic with daily sheds, but haven’t been paying attention to or applying that same logic to my shedding on wash day… when my shed is more ridiculous than ever.

So… here’s another nerdy pictograph showing the size of my shed balls from Wash Day 1 through Wash Day 51.   This is where that penny in the photos comes in handy.  Because the penny remains the same size, I was able to keep the proportions the same in relation to the shed ball.  And that’s what you see below – the change in size of my shed balls in relation to the constant size of the penny.

Washball Pictograph



I suppose that can be a little bit scary to look at, but understand that’s an inflated size for the sake of better pictorial representation.  So here’s a friendly, harmless graph that’s a little less intimidating (or maybe it’s just for my own benefit… *shrug*):


Washball Graph

Regardless of which nerdy representation you prefer, you can’t deny THAT progress.  For real.  It may not be a constant decrease, but Day 1 to Day 51?  Huge improvement.


Say what??

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