Shed Obsessing v.2

After taking some time to review the most recent shed graph,  and digesting the info as I said I would, here is my whining are my concerns…

  • I’m still shedding more in the morning than at night…  AND most frequently in the morning.
  • I seem to be shedding more during this period than the last 30-day period.
  • two my highest sheds were on the SAME day.  Boo.  And this time, I can’t blame them on failed styling attempts.  So I guess that theory goes out of the window.
  • Also out that window is the appearance that my shed was higher after wash day and decreased during the week – during this period, shed level seemed to stay about the same all week long.
  • BUT!!!  One theory that has survived… there still seems to be less daily shedding during the week after the protein treatment.  I think we may have a trend!  #nerdalert

I’m really bummed about the overall increase… but I’ll wait to see if it’s something that continues to get worse or whether it’s inconsistent trendwise.


Say what??

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