Grow Out Diaries

Did anybody watch the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale brand launch series (done in conjunction with Naturally Curly)?

When this was unfolding online, I was all wrapped up and excited about it because I felt like I identified with it in so many ways.  First and foremost, the idea of committing to a single product line was always intriguing to me.  I’d love to find a full product line that I love, but, to date, that’s not the reality.  There are several Darcy’s Botanicals products that I use, but I’d still put myself into the
“cocktailer” category in that I mix and match certain products to create a concoction that I like.

Of the participants in this experiment, Lauren was the one with whom I identified most.  Her hair length and texture appeared to be closest to mine and many of the experiences that she described were similar to my own:

  • She talked about being in a constant “learning” phase with regard to her hair… still trying to figure out exactly what works best even after years of being natural.  That’s totally me.
  • She talked about trying to stick to a regimen and being disciplined instead of being short-term loyal to five million products at a time.  That’s totally me (but I’m trying to stop).
  • She talked about how maintaining her hair’s moisture and how her hair’s health was really important to her.  Totally me.  That’s really the reason for this blog in the first place for me.
  • She talked about detangling woes and how finger detangling is cool, but a wide-tooth comb still gives her tangled hair all the love.  That is so absolutely me.
  • She had braces.  I wore braces from 2010 until 2012.  So yeah.

Of course there are other similarities that anyone can probably identify with, but I just felt a certain congruence.

That all said, I *still* am working toward defining and perfecting a dedicated regimen.  *sigh*  I have yet to unlock the regimen secrets for my hair.  But I feel like this blog will play a major role in figuring it out.  Another similarity between my experience and Lauren’s – the dairying does add a certain level of dedication and accountability.  Much in the way that the KCGOC had me behaving really well when it came to hair care, I am expecting (and sincerely hoping) that blogging here will do the same.


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