On Trimming

I’ll start this off with this confession:  I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten my hair professionally trimmed.  I tend to stay away from paying for any type of hair service.  #broke  #actuallyjustspendingmoneyonotherstuff  :\

I’ve trimmed my hair myself using a number of different techniques, but this most recent time, I used Chime Edwards’ method that basically consists of trimming wet hair saturated with leave-in conditioner.  She had a video on it, but it appears she’s taken it down.  You can sorta see the technique in the video below, though it’s not as well described as in the video she used to have posted.


So yeah.  I trimmed my hair in sections and used the Darcy’s Daily Leave-In as my product.  This is the first time I’ve ever trimmed this way. Not sure that I would do it this way again.  *shrug*  I didn’t really care about it being even and perfect – I just wanted the damage gone.  I could probably stand to trim less off next time… especially since I’m seeing less splits than before.

Day 57 Trim



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