Shed Obsessing

So I’m all about research and data and all like that.  #suchanerd   But I’m wondering if tracking my shedding so “analytically” was a smart idea.  It does allow me to see if there are any patterns or whatever in my shedding… but what if there IS no pattern.  Maybe my hair just does what it does and sheds what it sheds and that’s really it.  *shrug*

Anyway.  I was looking at that 30-day shed graph,  and trying to glean any type of correlation to my shedding patterns.  Here are the few observations and conclusions I’ve come to:

  • I shed more in the morning than throughout the day… but not really by much
  • my highest sheds (Days 13 and 21) were post-styling attempts or days when my hair wasn’t bunned.  I guess there’s one point for the effects of HIH syndrome.  Hair manipulation definitely causes the sheds (or so says the data).
  • my shedding *seems* to be higher after wash day and seems to decrease as the week progresses (barring manipulation as mentioned above)
  • check out how my daily shedding was less during the week after the protein treatment… mmmm hmmm… that one is definitely one to keep watch after

So yeah.  I still think it’s weird to obsess over shed hair, but at the same time, it really does give me a good idea of what MY regular shedding is and then (if it should ever come to pass) I’ll have a clear understanding of when it decreases/increases and when I should be alarmed.


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