Buns and Me

Throughout my natural hair “career,” I’ve always had challenges with styling my hair.  I spent most of my life wearing my hair straight… or trying to get it to lay as straight as possible, so I just haven’t had the same length of time to figure out my curls.  I haven’t been wearing my natural curls regularly for 10 years yet… but I wore my hair straight for nearly 20 years.  So anyways.  About these buns…

I had been pulling my hair back regularly for the past few years because it was was the easiest option for a curly novice.  Usually, it was just in a wild, curly pony and it wasn’t until the KCGOC in 2011 that I was exposed to creative styling with buns.  Many of the participants were protecting their hair and ensuring health by using bunning as a protective style.  And then I saw this tutorial that Shelli posted (then on her growout blog) and I went a little bit overboard.  It became my new way to feel like I wasn’t doing the same style over and over.  lol.  #indenial

from hairscapades.com
from hairscapades.com  (HEY! that’s me!)


The bun has been my go-to hairstyle pretty much since that time.  Yup.  I’ve been bunning most of the time for the past 4 years (no comments about why my hair is not full body length at this point… lol).  It’s one of those things that has been associated with me at work.   It’s just how I wear my hair.  Unfortunately, that means that when/if I ever change my hair up, a big deal is made.  Which is more motivation to never wear it differently.  hahaha



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