My Practices in Product Purchasing

A few posts ago, I talked about taming my product junkie tendencies.  This is not only for the sake of avoiding waste and overspending, but also for the sake of building up a group of “go to” products.  I feel like if I keep buying a bit of everything all the time, I won’t really know what works and what doesn’t.  Does that make sense?  (it does in my head… but that’s a crazy place sometimes)

There’s also something to be said about what kind of products I WON’T buy.  When I recently read this article, I felt like the author was preaching my heart.  lol

“I have a few things that will keep me from buying a product and I am sure some of these may be on your list as well.”

She was right.  I never really thought about what my “disqualify” list looked like.  But I could mimic a number of items on her list.

Ingredients that tend to turn me away from purchase (that I can think of off the top of my head) are mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, and isopropyl alcohol.  I’m sure there are more, but I’m not about to open that can of worms right now.

As far as scent goes, I tend to be a fan of sweet and warm fragrances – vanillas, chocolates, coconuts, and regular nuts… lol… like almonds.  I can deal with fruitys and florals, but I don’t prefer them.  A product would have to be amazing for me to use it regularly while smelling like a walking Bath & Body Works.  Earthy and herbal fragrances don’t do it for me at all.

Lastly, like in the article,  price.  Again, to mimic the author’s sentiments, I don’t feel the need to be cheap about it… I’ll pay for a product that I like.  But value is also a big deal for me.  My biggest issue is paying a lot for regular conditioners because I use a lot of it and I rinse it right out.  (Hellooooo “cheapie conditioner” – best and most appropriate term ever)  I feel like my “hard stop” on price is $20.  I don’t think I’ve spent more than that on a product.  I don’t think. (Or if I have, it took some serious convincing and soul searching.)

In recent years since going natural (I’ll tell that story at some point), I feel like I am gravitating more toward products that are more natural than not.  I used to buy based on what the front of a product said.  My first step when shopping for hair products now is to turn the bottle around and read the ingredient list.  What I would really LOVE is to get to the point where I achieve a regimen that ONLY contains products that fall perfectly into the ingredient, scent, price categories.  I’m far from achieving that right now because I gotta get rid of the five hundred products under my sinks.  But one day…


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