Regimen Staple: Hair Therapy Wrap

I bought the Hair Therapy Wrap for the first time in May 2011 during the Kim Coles Grow Out Challenge.  It has been part of my wash day regimen ever since.  I feel like it has been the most constant and unchanged step in my regimen for that entire time.

Initially, at the original time of purchase, I remember I was trying to deep condition with heat for as long as I possibly could… sometimes even sleeping overnight with a conditioning treatment in my hair (which… I might still do if I start the wash regimen too late at night).  But then, I read this post and was like… yeah.  Maybe not.

So now, I usually deep condition with heat for about an hour… and that’s a lot better anyway because that overnight stuff would be turning wash day into wash WEEKEND sometimes.  Ain’t nobody got time for all that.


2 thoughts on “Regimen Staple: Hair Therapy Wrap”

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