Laying the product junkie to rest

So I talked in a previous post about why I was continuing to use a product that I didn’t really care for.  Well… it’s because I have a small problem: I’m a product junkie and I’m rehabbing myself this year.  No more buying products all willy nilly.  No more having three different deep conditioners on hand and buying more because it’s on sale.  No more trying something out and not liking it and putting it into the “under sink abyss.”  I’m done.  I care too much about my finances and my financial well-being to continue spending upwards of $50 per month on hair products that I’m not even sure I’ll like.  Pssssh.

This is an old photo... look at that old school Oyin packaging!!!
This is an old photo… look at that old school Oyin packaging!!!


So.  My plan is to get rid of everything under my sink.  Period.  I have my  little group of favorite products to use, but I am vowing to use even the ones that I don’t like for the sake of getting value from money spent.  I don’t doubt that there are products that I will continue to try, but I’m seriously trying to avoid amassing a collection of products that fills my under-sink cabinet (and overflows into cabinets in the guest room).  This includes all of the samples I’ve managed to collect that I save with the intention of using.  At the very least, I’ll be able to give a review about them, right?



Say what??

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